Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A sunny saturday.

Posted originally on 18th September 2010.

It is a week into my new job, and my first proper weekend in ages! I have been trying to reset and readjust my body clock (this is the first time I’ve been up this late all week) and I’ve decided I need to make the most of my weekends off from now on.

Today me and the boy wandered up to crouch end…our new favourite place to stroll through, wishing we could afford to buy a house and frequent the lovely eateries there. Having previously found a cath kidston tea dress in a charity shop there, I wanted to revisit the charity shops to look for some more vintage bargs! I managed to nab myself the cutest vintage blue embroidered sweater for a fiver, and a vintage yellow cotton day dress for eight. I bought these from a lovely old lady who I overheard talking of when she married her husband in 1940, with him being 40 years her elder, and of how he died 25 years ago and she still misses him dearly….this made me incredibly sad! She was a nice lady.
We then popped along to The Haberdashery, which is an amazing little cafe on middle lane where we had a drink out of some lovely glass jars whilst listening to old vinyl!

The Haberdashery is a quaint little cafe with bunting, mismatched crockery and killer cakes. They hold a “Barboot” on the first friday of every month where you can drink cocktails from teacups, and shop for trinkets, vintage clothes and handmade bits and bobs. I attended their first and bought a couple of presents for others, as well as a very old pink working boxed hairdryer!

I will try and get a photo of my new clothes if I get a chance tomorrow, I am going to wear the outfit out to lunch with the boy and his parents…
Ta ta for now! xx

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