Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mr Mike's birthday surprise!

 Poster originally on 29th October 2010.

Well, today is the boy’s birthday….

Whilst he was off at work yesterday I was a sneak and used the day to put together some very special birthday treats! Now, everyone loves a good cupcake, right? RIGHT! So, I spent the morning planning, and then went and bought all the ingredients for the “ultimate Mike cupcake”. Now, his favourite choccy is toffee crisp, and he likes chocolatey cupcakes (whereas I’m more of a simple vanilla girl). These are the resulting cupcakes:

They are chocolate cupcakes with chunks of fudge in, topped with vanilla icing, crunchy choccy bits, sprinkled with cinammon and topped with a toffee crisp cluster!
I hid all the cakes overnight as I didnt want him to see them til this morning, when I served him a special surprise breakfast in bed! Warm ham and cheese croissants, the “ultimate mike cupcakes”, and a glass of vimto (I know my boy well).

I also provided a nice birthday lunch for him to take with him to work (yes I know, work on his brthday? Oui) consisting of a copy of theNME  to read on the train, a pepperami, a mars milkshake and….a toffee crisp!

Has anyone got any fabulous halloween plans? I have none myself yet, which is rather unfortunate….I shall certainly be carving a pumpkin though!
Au revoir! xx

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