Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lovely Weekendling ♥

Posted originally on 13th September 2010.

Welcome, my lovelies, to my new blog…
I’m not too sure what it’s going to be about. probably a whole pile of random bits and bobs, and a few second hand buys to boot!
This seems like a good time to start though, for today I started my new job! (I am officially a visual  merchandiser for topman oxford circus, and sooo looking forward to working with the lovely team)
Plus, I had a rather fabulous weekend.
On saturday I went to meet a couple of friends dans le city, for a wee bite to eat in covent garden and a much needed catch up. Then me and the boyshape decided to go for a trip on the tfl riverboat. It was rather exciting…and then we passed a whole pile of of coloured tents and excitedly jumped off the boat at the first possible stop to check what all the commotion was about.
It was the thames festival…..and it was ever so jolly!

We found the lady luck jive stage, where a lot of lovely guys n gals were jiving away, whilst I watched on rather enviously (I am definitely going to actually get round to learning). Then as it got dark we strolled down the southbank and got some food and I fell madly in love with a cloche hat (I had to go back for it the next day). We had an early night and got some rest ready for the busy sunday we had planned!
We got up and put on our sunday best.
Doesn’t the boyshape look dashing?...

And then we ventured out, picnic in tow….in a rather nice suitcase.
We went to st katherines dock first up to take a peek at some rather fancy old boats (I cant believe there’s a beautiful dock in the centre of london and I never even knew!). There was some lovely old music playing, and I even caught a peek of the fabulous Fleur de Guerre, of
Then we headed up towards the jive stage again to meet our lovely pal miss Kyla Costa where we laid out a proper picnic and listened to some fab music.

We later headed further up the bank to the freedom stage, to see the most beautiful and talented Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. we bopped a bit in the dusky haze of the evening sunshine and had a lovely time! We headed back to purchase my cloche hat (for cold winter days, though i do now need the perfect coat to accompany it) and then caught the tube home.
Oh what a wonderful weekend I had!


  1. How freaky! I saw you guys whilst I was there! I never forget a man in a mustard tanktop!

  2. How funny is that? I loved that couple of days! This was Mr Mike "dressing up" to please me; unfrtunately he doesn't share in my passion for vintage.......YET! haha. I'm working on him slowly! x

  3. Love the idea of a picnic in a suitcase! x

  4. It was indeed a rather novel idea...nice to get some use out of my vintage suitcases! We got rather a lot of funny looks though!
    And of course, once loaded up with our mighty feast of food and Pimms and a picnic blanket it was rather heavy, so I was lucky to have my dashing gentleman on hand to carry it! xx


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