Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The gypsy caravan, bargain buys and the Vintage Patisserie…

Posted originally on October 18th 2010.

Yes, I am still alive! I have been very busy again. I know I know, I’m a terrible blogger!

My birthday was just wonderful!

Me and Mr Mike caught the train back to Norwich where we settled down in front of the fire and watched tv and had a whole feast of food. Home sweet home.
I got to see some of my bestests too; we drank a lot of cava and ate too much birthday cake!

As tradition dictates, we went to a carboot with my dad and step-mum and bought a whole lot of bargains...including an old cine film projector and screen, an art deco mirror, a red vanity case I intend to use as a handbag, a 1950’s atomic coat hook (to match my magazine rack, pot stand and plate rack), as well as Mr Mike’s amazing purchase of a 1930’s grooming kit in a leather case.

 Unfortunately I had to leave the coat hooks with the fam as I couldn't pack them, so photos to follow when we finally get the fabulous thing back here!

My mumma and step-dad took us and my sister to the caravan in Suffolk the day before my birthday and it was amazing! On arrival there were bantam chickens running around the camp site, and ducks in the pond.

We loaded our stuff into the donkey shed by the caravan, had a little nosy around the site and then jumped back in the car and went for fish and chips and a walk on the beach! I found a bit of a rather large fishes spine…I have decided it was most probably a shark’s….this sounds like the most exciting explanation! Unfortunately I had to abandon it as the parents were insistent it would start to smell before we’d got it back to London.
When my parents left in the evening, me, Mr Mike and my little sisty settled into our new and exciting (though temporary) home. We lit a fire in the wood burning stove and read books by candle and solar powered fairy lights, but promptly all fell asleep!

Next morning was my birthday! And me and the sisty were up at 7am and off to feed the pigs/chickens/ducks in our pj’s. We had a breakfast of cereal, then birthday cupcakes (and I had a wee glass of Mum-made elderflower champagne and raspberry liqueur), and then we all went off for a bike ride in the rain through the countryside! I chose a fab old red royal mail bike which I wish I had captured a photo of! We played with some poi, and went on a walk (where I gained a comedy-bump on my head from an apple launched by my sisty in a game gone wrong), and played tag, before Mum and the Step Dad arrived and took us for an indian meal. We ate so much we nearly died. Then the parents left and took the sister with them, and me and the boy snuggled up in front of the wood burner to read a whole two pages of our books before we fell asleep.

I was very sad to say goodbye to our caravan holiday, but it was a perfect weekend!

Above is a charity shop outfit that cost a grand total of….£9. absolute bargain.

Since then I have been working very hard, visited a sample sale with my pal Nelly and bought some fab presents for Mr Mike, had a bonfire in a hidden part of central london with some of the fam and fam’s friends….and I worked for the fabulous Vintage Patisserie on saturday, which was oodles of fun! Phew!

But I best be off now, as I must eat some dinner and rush off for a night shift at work….armed with energy drinks and a big bag of haribo of course!

Pip pip my lovelies x

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