Saturday, 29 January 2011

My new (old) 1940's suit!

Hello darling readers!

Phew, what a busy week I've had and I've rather neglected you all.
I started out the week on nightshifts, and then started jury duty so it's been all go-go-go!

But yesterday morning, as I was about to leave the flat, my fur-collared, 1940's wool suit arrived with a kindly postie. Wow! Well I was so excited I immediately changed into it and set out into the cold wearing it with my beloved 'Pop Boutique' blouse that actually looks very vintage and my 1930's cardi underneath the jacket for added warmth!
After completing my days jury duties, I popped home, changed into my trusty 'Clarks' heels, and headed off out for a lovely pal of mine's leaving drinks with the work chums. A few g&t's and a McDonalds later, I arrived home and demanded a thoroughly tired Mr Mike snap a few shots of my new suit!
(please ignore windswept hair, it is tooo long and uncontrollable... I need it cut!)

 1940's suit: ebay, £15.76 (incl postage!).
Blouse: charity shop, £4.
Yves Saint Laurent belt: charity shop, £1.50

The jacket, being rather bulky, plus a little large for me, when done up it makes me look rather podgy I think (it does nothing for my bust!), but nonetheless, I rather love this fabulous two-piece! And as you can see, the skirt goes so fabulously with my blouse. I can already tell I am going to get rather a lot of wear out of this!

Resin bracelets: Evolution, £1.

Pip pip! xx


  1. What a beautiful suit, and an incredible bargain. That would cost so much more in a vintage store, you got an amazing steal there x

  2. I always admired your sense of dressing Rose, you look fab!! Waiting for spring to start my hunts,lol!! xxx

  3. You look ravishing, that suit fits you a treat and the blouse is perfect with it. I do love a bargain. xxx

  4. *Penny Dreadful- I know, a steal indeed...have been trying to get my hands on one for so long but always too expensive. And with a real fur collar? My, oh my! I had to fight off two other bidders to get it, but at the price I managed to get it for, I guess theyjust didn't want it enough!
    *Anna- Thanks Anna! I can't wait til it's carboot season...I am yet to go to a London one, does anyone know of any?
    *Vintage Vixen- Oh thankyou lovely! I was pretty astounded by the well-matched-ness of my suit with that blouse. I suspect this is going to be a well worn outfit!

    Thanks my darlings! xx

  5. Love the suit and the blog! I'll be back!

  6. Aww, thanks for your kind words lady! xx

  7. Oh you look amazing! Very envious of your new suit its a stunner, and what a steal, it clearly was destined to be yours!!!

  8. Oh, thank you lovely ladies! I can already tell I'm going to get tons of wear out of them...the jacket looks fab with other skirts/dresses, and the skirt looks great with different tops. Certainly my best buy in a while! No wonder ladies during the war invested in a good suit, so many combination possibilities! xx

  9. OOOOOOOH LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!! Looks a treat - and indeed was a STEAL at that price! I don't think the jacket makes you look podgy at all. And that shirt works VERY well :)

  10. Oooh, that's lovely!

    I've been after a suit for ages but none have come up in my meagre price range!

  11. Me again...

    Just wanted to let you know, I have awarded you the Stylish blogger Award as I think your blog is great!

    See my blog for more info

    ps.I know that these awards are not everyones cup of tea, so feel free to take it, or leave it, if its not your thing!


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