Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Charity shop haul!

Well today I caught up on some much needed charity shop action! It's been a while since I've had a chance to pop down to my local charity shops, so I took advantage of my day off work to trawl a few for treasures.
I picked up some fabulous things...
(My bedraggled head has been excluded from these photos...I had just been swimming!)

Grey homemade shirt dress- £6
 Yellow cardigan- £3
I want to change the buttons on the dress, they are currently a bit too big for the buttonholes. A nice green set will be a lovely contrast I think, and I might even do a bit of embroidery on it to brighten
it up!

Homemade polka dot beige and black dress-  £4.50

Forties style black floral skirt- £3.50
I think this will be nice and light for summer weather!

Vintage green and white nylon 'St Michael' polo shirt- £4.50
(Mr Mike's hand is playing with an unseen chrome yo-yo I got him, 
which he described as one of his favourite christmas presents, oh the simple things eh?)

And my steal of the day...

 Navy pinstripe Vivienne Westwood 'MAN' suiting material trousers- £10!

Back buckle detail on the trousers (a feature I have always been slightly in love with on a good pair of mens trousers)

Inside the waistband.

The Westwood trousers are gorgeous, like much of her suiting they are quite an old fashioned, classic style! They are a teeny bit small for Mr Mike but we're considering keeping them for special occasions, or if they can be prized from my hands, we may just sell them. But I think we'll keep them, they are too nice.

And on another note, if you get a chance, do go see 'The King's Speech'...it's absolutely amazing! Gorgeously executed and full of interesting history.

Pip pip! xx


  1. I adore that polka dot dress! What great finds!

  2. Haul envy when it comes to the grey dress :)

  3. Eeek, thanks girls! I rifled through my rather large button collection last night in search of new ones for the grey dress, but I didn't have the perfect ones, so I'm going to have to go on a button mission!


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