Monday, 10 January 2011

Rosie Alia Millinery

Oh my, I really must get back into my hat making!
It's been ever so long!

My Nan is a fabulous hat maker, selling her "Trishe Darling" hats and headpieces in a couple of shops and she also does hat making workshops and such like! So I suspect she in some way sparked and encouraged my interest in hats (as well as my love of vintage influencing my hat obsession)! She has taught me a couple of her clever techniques, but I really want her to teach me's just a matter of being able to get some time to go back and visit her properly! Oh damn you, work!

This is a me sporting a "Trishe Darling" creation!

I have sold my hats in the past, and my Nan sold one of mine in one of her stockists' hat shop too, which is great as someone paid £75 for it! I only got a smallish cut of that, but still, the though of someone wanting to pay that much for one of my simpler designs is amazing!
Paloma Faith also owns one of my facsinators!
In my second year at uni, I produced headpieces for Georgia Nash, who is a fabulous womenswear designer. She was completing her graduate collection based on "The Nutcracker" and I was asked to help with the headpieces. These are some of the photos of said pieces...

Pearl encrusted fascinator with Nutcracker.

Beaded bow facinator with trickling bead-work on veil.

Purse and bow headpiece with bead-work.

Now I need to get back into my millinery, after all the hectic-ness of finishing uni and going out into the real world of work!

Pip pip! xx


  1. Yes! Yes you DO need to get back to it! You could set up your own etsy/folksy shop!

  2. wwo, that blue/green fascinator looks amazing with your hair colour. I agree with LandGirl19080, you should set up an etsy store xx


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