Sunday, 9 January 2011

La Soiree

Hello darling readers,

As mentioned in my previous post, on friday evening after work, me and Mr Mike headed off for a lovely evening at La Soiree. Mr Mike came to collect me from work, where I changed into my new heels, and we trotted off for a lovely meal at the restaurant at Grace Bar in the West End.

This is the outfit I wore:
Red dress, a gift from the parents.
Black felt pillbox hat, a "Trishe Darling" creation handmade by my Nan.
1930's beaded cardigan, a gift.
Belt, chairty shop.

I also wore black tights with red seams, H&M.
And my new Clark's heels.

Oh hai serious face!

For starters I scoffed breaded Camembert on a bed of rocket with cranberries. And for mains we both had a half-roast chicken with chips and coleslaw and BBQ sauce, all washed down with a couple of G&T's. Yummy scrummy.
Next we hopped on the tube and set off for the south bank bog top! When we got there, it was all rather exciting! There was a bar in the first area, so I had another G&T and we bought some popcorn for the show from a proper popcprn machine! This excited me!

Sorry for the rather blurry images from inside the tent, it was dark and having only an Iphone
(without a flash) for photographs, this was the result!

When we got inside the main tent we were upgraded to the front row, how kind! I was slightly nervous, as I am slightly (and by slightly, I mean severely) phobic of having to interact at shows, being picked on or embarassed! Yes, I am a bt of a spoilsport, it's just a phobia I've had since I was little! So I generally shy away from being on the front row fo such events, but it was all fine and we had a rather fantastic view!

Our view of the tent and the stage before the event started...

Now the tent, when we got inside, was absolutely amazing! It was a spiegeltent, which is constructed from detailed wooden panelling, with stained glass windows all around. I literally can't fathom how something so beautiful and detailed can be put up as just a temporary and movable structure! It makes my brain hurt to wonder.

The show itself was fabulous! I highly recommend it, it was a lot of the acts I'd had seen before with the previous show La Clique, but so good and it didn't feel too familiar. My highlight was when one of The English Gents, dressed in his suited finery, did some amazing moves around an old-fashioned lamp post that defy gravity and suspend belief! 

Oh how I wish all men still wore sock suspenders!

And Captain Frodo, who is a double jointed contortionist dressed in tennis gear and fits himself through tennis rackets whist struggling to balance upon a stool and talk into his microphone...all sorts of hilarity ensues, including the part when he falls of the stage whilst tangled and contorted within both tennis rackets!

You really must go see it if you get a chance folks!

After the show, we headed home. We took a quick walk along the Thames, as I (as much as I moan about living in London) am always captivated by the twinkling lights and calming sounds of the Thames at night.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Pip pip! xx


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time - and your dress looks a treat!

  2. Oh thank you!
    It was a rather fabulous night :) xx


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