Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hair experiments!

I decided to try rolling my fringe using a hair rat today, and finishing with some flowers.
I was pretty pleased with the results!

Unfortunately I then decided that, due to me being on a nightshift tonight, this lovely hair was unlikely to remain intact for the duration, so I redid it in a more secure plaited style with small victory rolls at the front...

Pip pip xx


  1. ah liking both of those looks.The rolled fringe would be fab for a night out (away from work!)x

  2. Yes indeedie, I think it would! I was so tempted to wear it for tonight's nightshift, but I just know that if I took the risk, it would prbably get to 4am, when I'm knackered and grumpy and flustered and the roll would start to fall out and cause all sorts of bother! xx

  3. Looks a treat!! You will be surprised how long a rat will hold in place. I usually do mine the night before and then just neaten up the edges in the morning! But - plait envy!!!! I have never managed to get the hang of plaits :(

    Also - I have just nomintated you for an award. Accept or decline, depending on your stand on these sorts of things...

  4. So pretty. You must show us how. xx

  5. That looks fabulous! I'm green with envy. A tutorial would make me love you forever. xxx

  6. Lovely. Sadly I could probably only manage the second look. I struggle with rolls, rats, bumpits and bun rolls, my hair doesn't seem to like to 'cover' anything it is supposed to hide and always ends up in thick-n-thin sections, revealing the structuring device I used! There are some tutorials out there for faking the look though, might have to go back to my youtube faves...

  7. Both looks are Fab! I to, would love to know how you did your plaits!
    I have tried the rolled fringe but never ventured out of the house, as yet, I just can't get it to feel secure enough even with a ton of clips holding it in place, I have visions of the rat unraveling and getting blown down the road with a gust of wind!:)


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