Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thanks postie!

This morning, after crawling into bed at 9am having just returned from a terrible nightshift at work, I was awoken twice as I tried to sleep throughout the day. Now, our buzzer for the flat is terrifyingly loud and gives me a heart attack EVERY time it at first I of course wasn't best pleased to be awoken from my slumber. But as I opened the door, I was both times greeted by a postie delivering me exciting things I had ordered earlier in the week (why they couldn't have come with the same postie, I really don't know).
This is what was delivered...

The sandals are Clarks Originals bought new from ebay for £14.99, and are a lovely cream leather. I'm not a fan of my feet, so I generally shy away from sandals, but these are a perfect sandal because they are a nice non toe-revealing style, with a bit of a heel but not too much that they will be uncomfortable (fingers crossed). And although not strictly a repro shoe, they are nicely reminiscent of a simple 40's sandal too. I am excited about my coming holiday to Spain in early March, and have been on the look out for some lovely summer staples for my hols. I am fully aware it's not likely to be sweltering heat where we're going (average temp 19 degrees C at that time of year), but it is my first time abroad in 8 years....and I am damn well going to make the most of it! These sandals will hopefully be perfect for said holiday!

I am going to invest in some more flower hair clips in varying colours, so I can clip them onto my 
sandals to brighten them up and coordinate them with my outfits!

Next is the book "The 1940's Look" by Mike Brown, which I have read much about on the internet and finally committed to buying, and gosh am I glad I did! This book is not for someone looking to learn how to create a 40's look, but one for those of you wanting to learn a more in depth and speific history behind the different aspects of the 40's look for men, women and children. Full of a wealth of information and beautiful images and adverts of the era, the book puts aspects of design/fashion/beauty into a more specific context and I am very excited to read it properly!

In fact, I am off to read it now, pip pip! xx


  1. I love those shoes! They are so darling, especially with the flowers! Can't wait to see what you wear them with.

  2. Thanks Cassandra! I'm already planning possible summer outfits...I will be sure sure to post some photos at some point! xx

  3. We have a similarly horrible doorbell for our flat, I jump every time. Worth it when the postie brings such treasures though!

  4. Oooooh... Clarks Originals! They will be the most comfy shoes you ever own!

  5. I love those sandals and so pretty with the flowers clipped to them. We went to Spain in February a few years ago and it was really hot during the day and just got cold at night. After 8 years without a holiday you must be so excited. xxx

  6. Yeah, I don't mind the jumps if it's a treasure delivery, but I always answer the door in a panic and then half the time it's just a salesman or something!
    I hope the sandals are super comfy!
    Oh then, I'm going to hold out hope that it's a heatwave when we're out there! I am super excited!! Xx

  7. I am reading that book at the moment, slowly - it has alot of detail and at the end of the day I can only take a little in at a time. Great photos in it though! x

  8. Yeah it is packed full of info, I too don't take in too much in one go, but am going to try and AIM to read a bit most nights before bed! xx


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